Q&A with Marek Wolfryd

Where are you from?
Mexico City

Where are you based?
Mexico City

Listening to

What’s on your desk?
A TV, a plant, rings, pens, papers, bank receipts, books, two computers

Can’t live without

Sunny or cloudy
Cloudy, no rain 

How many tattoos you-ve got?

Currently reading
Bruno Latour, not by choice

Favorite writer
Ibarguengoitia, Bukowski…

Daily routine
Wake up and breakfast

Guilty pleasure
Avengers sequel… Marvel movies

Can’t travel without

Written, spoken or drawn

Favorite drink
Black beer

Would like to meet
Cuauhtémoc Blanco

Perfect Sunday
Waking up late at ten, having barbacoa for breakfast, read or draw, watch a series, play soccer, go out for lunch, chill and sleep

Sunrise or sunset

Dream concert
Caifanes at Estadio Azteca

Morning or evening person

Collecting stuff

Most precious object
My collections, my plants

What’s on your nightstand?
Don’t have a nightstand

Store you could spend hours in
Galerías El Trinufo

Inspiration comes from
Everyday Life 

Cover image / Portada: Marek Wolfryd | De lo líquido del agua: allí donde otros han fracasado yo no fracasé, 2018
Photos were taken during the walk by Marek Wolfryd for June Joon Jaxx
Fotos tomadas durante el recorrido por Marek Wolfryd para June Joon Jaxx

Lo que vi, lo que no vi, lo que creo que vi azul y rosa.
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