Q&A with Jorge Rosano Gamboa

Where are you from?
Mexico City but I grew up in Tepoztlán

Where are you based?
Mexico City

Listening to
Visible Cloaks

What’s on your desk?
A plant, ink, papers, photographies, laptop

In-flight gadget
iPad with previously downloaded series.

Can’t live without

Sunny or cloudy

How many tattoos you-ve got?
More than twenty

Currently reading
La cámara de Pandora by Joan Fontcuberta

Favorite writer
Bioy Casares

Daily routine
Shower, breakfast, coffee

Guilty pleasure
Sleep paralysis

Can’t travel without

Written, spoken or drawn

Favorite drink
Cuba pintada

Would like to meet
Muybridge and Daniel Day Lewis

Perfect Sunday
A lot of movies and good food

Sunrise or sunset

Dream concert
Brian Eno / Here Come The Warm Jets Tour

Morning or evening person

Meditation and Tattoos

Most precious object
My collection of antique photographs

What’s on your nightstand?
A couple of antique photographs, a drawing, wolfman’s figure collection, humidifier lamp

Store you could spend hours in

Inspiration comes from
Altered states of consciousness

Images: June Joon Jaxx

Instagram @jorgerosanogamboa