Lior Modan

Where are you from

Tel Aviv

Where are you based 


Listening to   

Geoffrey Landers, Hector Zazou, Ata Kak, Dinosaur L

What’s on your desk 

Random tools, used disposable gloves, paint tubes, books, cutting mat, printed textiles, and in general an organized mess

In-flight gadget

sleeping pills

Can’t live without

My partner, my cat, my friends

Sunny or cloudy

Sunny, and please make it not be cold

Currently reading

Television by Jean Philippe Toussaint

Favorite writer 

Michel Houellebecq

Guilty pleasure

late-night basketball watching

Can’t travel without

My Ipad

Favorite drink 

Just a plain lager beer

Would like to meet

Michael Jackson, just to have one look from close up

Perfect Sunday

A long breakfast that is followed by a slow evolving studio day

Dream concert

Klaus Nomi

Morning or evening person

Definitely not a morning person

Current state of mind


Role model

Never really had one, but if I had to name one, Kippenberger or Picabia.


Obscure music seeking

Most precious object

My late dog’s ashes, sorry if that is too dark

Store you could spend hours in

Tokyu Hands, in Tokyo

Inspiration comes from

Fashion, mundane intimate moments, dead artists


April 2018 | Lior Modan | Exclusive for June Joon Jaxx

Images: Courtesy of the artist, Artsy, and PEANA