Jerónimo Reyes Retana

Where are you from

Mexico City

Where are you based 

Mexico City

Listening to 

Yves Tumor

What’s on your desk 

1 Apple Cinema Display

1 MacBook Pro

1 Midi interface

1 LZX Video Synhtesizer

1 Mini Plug audi cable

1 Audio Interface

1 Analog Overhub for usb ports

1 Lacie 4TB Hard Disk

1 Computer Keyboard

1 White Mouse

1 Piece of paper with notes

1 Bank OTP

1 Pack of cigarettes

1 Red Lighter

1 Yellow Lid

1 LED Blue Spinner

1 Glass of water

1 Noise canceling headphone set

1 iPhone

1 Set of EarPods

1 Set of yellow round stickers

1 Stack of white paper

2 Yamaha HS8 8″ Studio Monitor

2 Midi Controllers

2 Drum machines (Analog Rytm, Roland TR-8)

2 Fluorescent markers

3 Books

4 Synthesizers (Mopho, Analog Four, Op-1, Minitaur, Roland TB-03)

4 Pens (Black, Red, Blue, Green)

6 Plug audio cables

8 Usb cables

I have 55 objects on my desk.

In-flight gadget 

A book

Can’t live without 

My laptop

Sunny or cloudy

Dessert sunny

Currently reading 

‘Textos Sobre la Obra de Abraham Cruzvillegas’

Favorite writer

William Burroughs

Daily routine

Waking up

Guilty pleasure 

RBD – Sálvame

Magazine you can’t miss 


Can’t travel without 

My Laptop

Written, spoken or drawn


Favorite drink 

Sidral Mundet

Would like to meet 

Carl Sagan

Perfect Sunday 

Making music

Sunrise or sunset 


Dream concert 

Any rave with credibility happening during the early 90s in Britain

Morning or evening person


Current state of mind

On standby

Role model 

Don’t have one in specific. I take single aspects from a lot of different people.


Don’t have one.

Favorite lyrics

7 Minutes – Circlesquare

Wish you had more time for


Most precious object 

My laptop

Store you could spend hours in 

Centro Histórico, Ciudad de México

Biggest accomplishment 

Taking the decision to fully concentrate on my practice as an artist

Inspiration comes from

The city as a living being

Currently working on

A sound-based project that involves GPS technology. A world audio tour.

January 2018 | Jerónimo Reyes Retana | Exclusive for June Joon Jaxx