Where are you from
Bavaria…. ooops
Where do you live
Berlin – for almost 20 years
Listening to
Currently R.E.M., I love Michael, his thoughts and voice
What’s on your desk
Work work work
Can’t live without
My son, my partner – and I really like my beard
Sunny or cloudy
Sunny – not enough of it here in Berlin
Currently reading
Exhibition catalogue of Douglas Gordon
Favorite writer
Samuel Beckett
Daily routine
Beard grooming
Guilty Pleasure
Panoramabar / Berghain
Magazine you can’t miss
Fantastic Mac
Can’t travel without
My bloody phone
Written spoken or drawn
Intuition first, then all the rest
Favorite Drink
Gin’n tonic
Would like to meet
Michel Houellebecq
Perfect Sunday
By the sea
Sunrise or sunset
Actually both – depends
Morning or evening person
Evening – for sure
Current state of mind
  Thinking sculpture and space
Role model
William Forsythe
Hobby…? Call it culture
Favorite lyrics
Sweetness follows
Wish you had more time for
Most precious object
Art works of friends and my very old Mini Cooper
Store you could spend hours in
Panoramabar / Berghain
Inspiration comes from
Footnotes – they´re the best
Currently working on

A new portrait for a large installation

Biggest accomplishment
Exhibition at Musée Louvre being younger than Jesus

▲ December 2017 | Peter Welz | Exclusive for June Joon Jaxx▼