Jonathan VIVACQUA 
Where are you based
Listening to
 The Other Woman – Nina Simone
What’s on your desk
Computer, one sketchbook, many pens, coffee and nuts
In-flight gadget
Nothing special
Can’t live without
Future Project and peanut butter
Sunny or cloudy
 It depends on the moment, but I prefer when you get to see the rainbow
Currently reading
La conferenza degli uccelli by Peter Sis
Daily routine
Half day on construction sites and half in the studio
Guilty pleasure
I cannot reveal it
Magazine you can’t miss
Magazines with lots of pictures
Can’t travel without
Not knowing where my family is
Written or spoken
Favorite drink
Would like to meet
Everybody except people that I wouldn’t meet
Perfect Sunday
Surf with my woman
Sunrise or sunset
Dream Concert
Lucio Dalla feat Freddy Mercury
Favorite place in the world
Karpathos, Greece
Role Model
Children under 3 years old
Surf, Longboard
Favorite lyrics
Letters from people far away
Morning or evening person
Store you could spend hours in
Building supplies stores
Biggest accomplishment
Currently working on
Drawing irregular lines and survive
▲ April 2016 | Jonathan Vivacqua | Exclusive for June Joon Jaxx▼