Alice Rosati – Photographer

Where do you live
Favorite Website
Guilty Pleasure
3 most played songs on your iPod
Devo – Whip it
Robin S. – Show Me Love
Philippe Katerine – Juif Arabs
What’s on your desk
Ashtrays, cups of yerba mate & coffee,
tons of bills and receipts, negatives, scanner,
proof prints… A mess
In-flight gadget
Short-distance flight : A magazine
Long-distance flight : A pillow from my bed
Favorite Museum
PS1 New York
Can’t live without
The F@]*king iPhone
Favorite Book
1984 by George Orwell
Magazine you always buy
Vogue Italia, POP
Favorite Artist
I have many, now… Richard Prince
Someone you admire
Perfect Sunday
A picnic at Versailles with my love
drinking iced champagne
Can’t travel without
The F@]*king iPhone
Dream Concert
Daft Punk
Favorite place in the world
I have many, now… Los Angeles
Taking pictures
Favorite Blog
I have many, now…
Favorite Drink
Hemingway Special
Most precious object
My cameras
Store you could spend hours in
Not really a store, but any vintage shop
Favorite Record
David Bowie “Heroes” Vynil
Biggest Accomplishment
▲ OCTOBER  2012 | Alice Rosati | Exclusive for June Joon Jaxx▼