Wyne Veen – Artist and Photographer
Where do you live
Favorite Website
Google Street View
Guilty Pleasure
I can eat so much candy, it is unbelievable.
Most played on your iPod
Anything from The Wipers at this point.
What’s on your desk
A Bonsai Tree and my intern
In-flight gadget
iPod, also with the sound turned off.
Favorite Museum
The Frans Hals in Harlem…
They have a lot of the famous
17th Century Dutch still lives, so posh
Can’t live without 
Central heating, my fingers turn blue from September to May.
Magazine you always buy
The first one is an absolute secret because it is incredibly dusty and for grandma’s…
The second one is Monocle.
Favorite artist
Wim T. Schippers, mainly known from the Fluxus movement in the 60’s.
Someone you admire
Characterwise Johan Derksen, Maxim Hartman.
One is very direct and the other one is extremely bold and both are very funny.
Workwise I am fascinated by extremely ambitious people.
Even Justin Bieber would be on that list.
Perfect Sunday
Even though we have a 24/7 economy,
I still feel like someone tells me I have to stay home this day.
I dislike Sundays and I try to treat it as a normal working day,
I prefer a day off during the week when other people are still working.
Dream concert
Hans Klok in Vegas, our famous magician.
He actually seems like a very nice man while occupied in such a weird profession.
Favorite place in the world
Most precious object
My cat Richard, you can find her on Facebook.
Store you could spend hours in
Useless stuff stores like 99¢ Store,
I can stay in there for days but walk out completely depressed.
▲ September 2011 | Wyne Veen | Exclusive for June Joon Jaxx▼