Zita Arcq – Creative Director at La Tortilleria
Where do you live
Monterrey, Mexico
Favorite Website
Guilty Pleasure
3 most played songs on your iPod
Arcade Fire – Neighborhood No.1
Band of Horses – Cigarettes, Wedding Bands
Beirut – East Harlem
What’s on your desk
A new cup of coffee, an old cup of coffee,
pencils, ruler and lots of magazines
In-flight gadget
iPad, TV series, and sleeping pills
Favorite Museum
Whitney, New York
Can’t live without
My husband
Favorite Book
Were You Born on the Wrong Continent by Tom Geoghegan
Magazine you always buy
Wired, Another Magazine
Favorite Artist
Fashion: Alexander Wang
Photography: William Eggleston
Art: Francesco Clemente
Someone you admire
My parents
Perfect Sunday
Hiking or running
Dream Concert
Cake, the only one I’m missing !
Favorite place in the world
Madrid and Amsterdam
My work is also my hobby
Favorite Blog
Favorite Drink
Tequila !
Most precious object
My external hard drive with all the
pictures I’ve taken in my trips
Store you could spend hours in
Favorite Record
Funeral by Arcade Fire
Biggest Accomplishment
Working for what I love and
having time for myself

▲ December 2011 | Zita Arcq | Exclusive for June Joon Jaxx▼