Petra van Bennekum & Morena Westerik – Photographers
Where do you live
PvB: On Planet Earth
MW:At the moment I’m in the process of buying a house in Amsterdam, 
so in my head I already live there
Favorite Website
PvB: Wikipedia
MW: Yes, Wikipedia… It never stops giving you information
Guilty Pleasure
PvB: The smell of essential oils
MW: A cup of expensive coffee.. Every morning
Most-played on your iPod
PvB: Kirtan Mantras
Omar Souleyman
Fleetwood Mac
MW: Soundtrack from “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”
Authentic Bluegrass 
Music In Da Mix
What’s on your desk
PvB: Hard drives, hard drives, To-Do List, Essential Oils and fireworks
MW: Some magazines and lots of hard drives
In-flight gadget
PvB: iPad
MW: A book
Favorite Museum
PvB: Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid
Can’t live without
PvB: Yoga
MW: Sun
Favorite Book
PvB: A book, I read years ago.. Named La Ilaha Illa Allah, but I can’t 
find it anymore… It was a hippie roman traveling over the Silk Road..
MW: The Consolations of Philosophy by Alain de Botton
Magazine you always buy
PvB: None
MW: Vogue Collections and if I find old newspapers in
the common corridor from the neighbors, I steel it…
So I’m always 1 day behind the news
Favorite artist
PvB: Mathew Barney
Someone you admire
PvB: Marina Abramovic
MW: Lars von Trier
Perfect Sunday
PvB: Waking up knowing that I’ll be travelling far away the next day
MW: Going for a long walk the whole day, without destination..
Just walking and discovering little things
Dream Concert
PvB: In the Moon
MW: In the mountains
Favorite place in the world
PvB: Mesopotamia
MW: Till now California
PvB: Yoga, mantra singing, developing products
MW: Making music with my ukelele
Favorite blog
PvB: Shotby
Favorite drink
PvB: Chai Tea and freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice
MW: Fresh Fruit Cocktails
Most precious object
MW: A ring my grandfather made for me with a beautiful stone..
That protects me
Store you could spend hours in
PvB: Himalaya Spiritual Store and American Bookstore
MW: Bookstores, Garden Centre and Thrift Stores
Biggest accomplishment
PvB: BEING… Every day, every moment
MW: Waking up next to my love

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