Pedro MATOS 
Where are you based
Currently in Lisbon
Listening to
What’s on your desk
A big mess
In-flight gadget
Can’t live without
Loved ones
Sunny or cloudy
Currently reading
The 5th Law by Robert Greene
Daily routine
I don’t have one
Guilty pleasure
Chocolate cookies
Magazine you can’t miss
Lately it has been “Apartamento”
Can’t travel without
Written or spoken
Favorite drink
Would like to meet
A good person
Perfect Sunday
Sunny, outside
Favorite place in the world
The beach, or mountains
Dream concert
Rolling Stones
Morning or evening person
Evening. I try to be a morning person buy I always fail my attempts.
Most precious object
Store you could spend hours in
Donlon Books
Biggest accomplishment
Doing what I love
Currently working on
A solo exhibition at Underdogs Gallery 
and a few group exhibitions in the next months.
▲ January 2016 | Pedro Matos | Exclusive for June Joon Jaxx▼