Simon Birk – Photographer
Where do you live
Copenhagen, Denmark
Favorite Website
Guilty Pleasure
Casual smoker
3 most played songs on your iPod
The Antlers – Two
LCD Soundsystem – Dance Yrself Clean
Wu Lyf – Heavy Pop
What’s on your desk
Computer, headphones, camera, unpaid bills, 
Roleur Magazine, keys, papers, wallet, cd’s,
hard drives, a lamp, pen, coffee cup
In-flight gadget
Can’t live without
Favorite Book
Paul Auster’s
Favorite photographer
William Eggleston
Someone you admire
Honest people
Perfect Sunday
With my girlfriend
Dream Concert
Smashing Pumpkins Copenhagen 1996
Favorite place in the world
On the road
Running fast
Favorite blog
Favorite drink
Coffee with milk
Most precious object
My Contax camera
Store you could spend hours in
None… Unless I have a LOT of cash
Biggest acomplishment
To be able to live of what I love to do
▲ May 2012 | Simon Birk | Exclusive for June Joon Jaxx▼