Where are you based   Oslo, Norway

Listening to                   Bob Hund

What’s on your desk     computer and coffee

In-flight gadget             headphones

Can’t live without          potato chips

Sunny or cloudy           I prefer it sunny

Currently reading         Still Gösta Berlings saga by Selma Lagerlöf

Daily routine                dogwalking

Guilty pleasure            food gluttony

Can’t travel without       shades

Written or spoken          written

Favorite drink                Big Wave- Hawaiian Beer   

Perfect Sunday             Netflix and chill

Sunrise or sunset          sunrise

Dream concert                 Nirvana Bleach Tour’89

Favorite place in the world   Somewhere in the woods on a rock at a lake

Role model                          Gerhard Richter

Hobby                                   Hiking

Favorite lyrics                         The white album

Morning or evening person   Neither

Most precious object                the phone, sad but true

Store you could spend hours in   K.E.M, the art material store in Oslo     

Currently working on         My flat gradient painting series.

▲ January 2016 | Peter Mohall | Exclusive for June Joon Jaxx▼