Where are you based
I recently moved to Berlin with my Studio.
But also working in Düsseldorf and Offenbach am Main.
Listening to
Alice Coltrane – Prema on Marian McPartland Piano Jazz
Haftbefehl – 069
Chad VanGaalen – Peace on the Rise
What’s on your desk
There is a shitload of work on my desk to finish, but also some raving things.
Great stuff like matches, cigarettes, banana peels, a photograph of my ex-girlfriend, tons of papers, pencils, hand cream and always a good snack.
In-flight gadgets
charged phone with music, sleeping pills, my i heart NYC pillow and my sketchbook.
Can’t live without
atlantic, pacific, beers, all my friends, my lovely mom, my insane brother, drake, mozzarella sticks, cigarettes & beers, summer nights in my hometown, my hands, my skateboard and the voice of rufus beck.
Sunny or cloudy
Currently reading
‘das blau des himmels’ by georges bataille
Daily routine
yes! i love to have a cigaret in the morning before i even brush my teeth.
I like routines, they make my life less complicated. 
Guilty pleasure
I like to drink cream & sometimes i watch tranny porns.
Magazine you can’t miss
Nothing, sorry.
Can’t travel without
My Surfboard, my Skateboard, good music and a camera.
Written or spoken
Isn’t that a nice song from Steve Smyth?
spoken is nice, written last longer.
Favorite drink
Capri Sonne Cola, milk & beer.
Would like to meet
Bob Marley and Beatrix von Storch at the same time.
Perfect Sunday
I really hate that day. 
Doesn’t matter where i am or with whom i always have a little blues on Sundays.
Sunrise or sunset
Sunset! I like it when things end.
Dream concert
fucking at the drive-in touring with vaya around 1999 or 2000
or black sabbath touring with master of reality
Favorite place in the world 
san vicente de la barquera & hornberg 
Role model
Mario Hombeuel
perfume & hats.
Favorite lyrics
janove ottesen – forget about me
Michael Jackson – earth song
Morning or evening person
i am good with both. don’t want to decide.
Most precious object
Ring on my finger & my sound system.
Store you could spend hours in
Biggest accomplishment
dont know.. I dropped out of school? 
changed diapers every morning when i worked at the disabled home place?
Saved a life of a wild turtle the other day!
Currently working on?
A few new paintings in my studio & a better understanding for everything with my therapist!
▲ February 2016 | Malte Zenses | Exclusive for June Joon Jaxx▼